Where My Blonde Ladies At?

Location:  Florence, Italy, July 12th - Present

So, when I am done with this I am going to start a very belated Turkey post!  As this has pretty much zero to do with my travels yet 100% to do with my everyday life.  

Blondies, this one is for you.

So, I'm not a big product endorser beyond the obvious miracle workers... the Tide-To-Go stick, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, the YSL concealer pen.  But there is a product which is seriously saving my ass.

See, I'm a blonde haired lady.  For me, blonder is better.  I tried once to be a brunette and it was a very awkward six months.  But I, like many of you, need to regularly tend to my hair.  The eight week alarm goes off and I immediately feel that I look like the newest character on Orange Is The New Black and then I send some sort of note of desperation, usually claiming that I look homeless, to Katja, my hair stylist, savior and friend, in order to set up an appointment.  I like my hair to be on-point, as do most of you.   So... the idea of  letting it grow out?  Are you crazy?  Inconceivable.  Not on this watch.

But... I'm at 14 weeks of traveling.  I saw Katja the day prior I left for this charade.  I've looked up ways to get my hair done while I was in South East Asia and I've actually stopped blondes I've met or seen on the street.  And when I ask about their hair and getting it done in whatever Asian country I was in they grew very quiet, very wide-eyed and just shook their head.  The universal answer was NO, that under no circumstances was I to let anyone in Thailand or elsewhere touch my hair.  First, no one is blonde there.  Second, if they are, the texture and treatment of Asian hair vs. western is very different.  Try googling this.  Lots of horror stories.  Therefore, needless to say, I've listened to the wise (and frankly, very scary) strangers I've talked to and my roots aren't exactly the hue I would like them to be.

But.  Get ready for it, blondes.  There.  Is.  Blonde. Tinted.  Dry.  Shampoo.   You knew there was brunette dry shampoo, maybe.  But blonde?  And blonde that looks okay?  I am here to share the good word.  

This is a gift from Jesus.  He literally is in a lab coat up in heaven with his assistant Mary mixing some blonde concoction that now I can spray on my sad roots.  And guess what?   I can now SPRITZ my hair nearly back to the proper shade of blonde.  This is the most amazing thing of all time.  And, it's good for all blondes, it seems.  Spray a lot or a little depending on your hair color.  Is it as good as the real thing?  Of course not.  This powder is not bleach on a brush.  Yet, is it better than nothing?  For the love yes.  This is something I am very reliant on right now but I will gladly be reaching for it to keep feeling bright in between appointments.  

So, that's it.  My blonde babes, get thyself onto Amazon.  Batiste Light + Blonde Dry Shampoo.  Link below.  

Go with the blonde Batiste gods and may good hair be with you.